Lemon Aid Survival Guide

How Do I Know If I Have A Case?

Don’t worry if you are not sure if your car is a lemon. We can usually decide if you have a legal case once you have provided us with some initial information. We need your vehicle’s VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number)purchase documents, and either the repair invoices or a summary of repairs performed.

If I Purchased A Used Car Do I Have A Lemon Law Case?

Visit our Used Vehicle Help page if you purchased a used or pre-owned vehicle from a dealer or an individual.

Do I Have To Come To Your Office Before You Can Take My Case?

No, there is no need to come to our office for an appointment before we take your case, but of course you are always welcome. We can help you with your lemon law issue regardless of where you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. We may be able to handle the entire claim over the telephone, through the mail and via e-mail. However, if we have to file a lawsuit, it may require an office visit for a deposition and your appearance at an arbitration hearing.

What If I Don’t Have All Of The Repair Documents?

Don’t worry. You can contact your dealership and request a copy of all repair invoices or at least a summary of repairs. If that doesn’t work, prepare a summary of repairs performed from memory and provide that to us. If it looks like a valid case, we can subpoena or make a formal legal demand for the repair invoices.

If I purchased My Vehicle From A Dealership A Few Days Ago, Can I Return It? Is There A Three Day Return Policy On New Vehicle Purchases?

There is no law in any state that gives a buyer the right to return a car and cancel the deal once the contract is signed. A car loses value even after a few days. Car sales are final unless specifically stated on the purchase documents.

What Is A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)? Where Can I Find The VIN Number?

Every vehicle has a unique 17 character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is typically located on the driver’s side of the dashboard so that you can see it through the windshield, on the driver’s side door jamb sticker, and on the vehicle’s frame. The VIN may also placed on the engine, hood, windows, and other parts. It can also be found on your purchase documents, repair documents, registration, title, and insurance policies.

What Are Vehicle Purchase Documents?

Vehicle purchasers usually sign a legal document or contract called a Vehicle Purchase Agreement, Auto Sales Agreement, or a Bill of Sale when buying a vehicle. The purchase documents include details about the vehicle and the purchase terms.

What Are Repair Invoices?

A repair invoice is a commercial document issued by a business to a consumer with detailed accounting of all work performed and associated charges for a specific repair.

What Is A Repair Summary?

A repair summary is an accounting of all work performed and associated charges for your vehicle prepared from memory or limited documentation.

What Is A Lemon Law Lawsuit?

A Lemon Law Lawsuit is a civil action filed in a court of law initiated by the vehicle owner against the vehicle manufacturer.

What Is A Deposition?

A Deposition is the testimony of a party or witness in a Lemon Law case taken orally prior to a trial, usually at an attorney’s office, and put into writing for later use.

What Is An Arbitration Hearing?

An Arbitration Hearing is a less complicated, less formal process used to settle a lemon law dispute without filing a civil lawsuit in a court of law.

What Is A Subpoena?

A Subpoena is an order issued by a court of law requesting a party appear before the court or or produce requested documents such as repair invoices.

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