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State Lemon Laws Protect Consumers

All 50 states have “Lemon Laws” that cover all passenger vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUV. Some states include motor homes and motorcycles in their lemon law. Others include leased vehicles and used vehicles.

A vehicle is typically considered a lemon if it has a defect or condition which substantially impairs its use, value or safety. The main purpose of the lemon law is to provide car owners with a method of forcing vehicle makers to repurchase defective vehicles. If the Lemon Law is found to have been violated, the manufacturer typically must buy the consumer’s vehicle back. In some states manufacturer’s must pay all of the consumers attorney’s fees in addition to repurchasing the vehicle.

What Are Breach of Warranty Laws?

Recurring minor problems or nuisance issues are not covered under state lemon laws.

If your state’s lemon law does not cover your vehicle, you may have a Breach of Warranty under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the federal breach of warranty statutes.

Breach of warranty statutes provide for the consumer whose vehicle does not qualify under the Lemon Law, but who experience repeated problems with their vehicle while still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. As long as a vehicle is under warranty, the manufacturer has an obligation to repair all covered defects within a reasonable period of time. If you file a claim under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and win, you are entitled to cash damages plus all attorney’s fees and costs.

State Lemon Laws


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